The Partnership's Commitment to Quality Care

The Partnership is dedicated to advancing policy solutions that will result in improved quality of care and quality of life for all home healthcare patients. Patients with chronic conditions across the country are receiving quality care in their own homes by skilled and highly trained clinicians who are utilizing state of the art equipment and technology including telehealth technologies and electronic medical records. While evidence already confirms that home healthcare is a cost effective care setting with positive clinical outcomes for patients, the Partnership is working to further improve quality and access for the patients we serve.

The Partnership's Commitment to Strengthening Medicare and Medicaid

The Medicare and Medicaid programs are facing grave threats. All those who depend on them – including patients and their providers – bear a special responsibility to secure Medicare and Medicaid's futures by making costs more sustainable. The Partnership believes strongly in this mission and is advancing innovative policy solutions, and partnering with government leaders to improve the home healthcare benefit for the millions of Americans who require skilled home healthcare services.

A study by Avalere Health, LLC determined that Medicare skilled home healthcare services saved the Medicare program $2.81 billion and reduced costly re-hospitalizations by 20,426 between 2006-2009. As our nation's aging population grows, the Partnership aims to build upon these successes, and will continue its efforts to drive solutions for strengthening integrity, enhancing quality and reducing costs to the Medicare program.

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