Poll: Seniors Overwhelmingly Oppose Medicare Copays

Published by Home Health Care News
Alyssa Gerace
July 11, 2013

Most seniors believe an increase in out of pocket Medicare costs will be a financial burden for low-income seniors, supporting instead a crackdown on Medicare fraud, reveals a new poll.

Seniors were nearly unanimous (93%) in thinking Congress should advance reforms to stop Medicare fraud, rather than cut funding for the program or charging seniors higher costs, according to a national Public Policy Polling survey of more than 1,100 American seniors. More than half of the respondents reported annual household incomes of $50,000 or less.

More than three-quarters (77%) of those polled approve of Congressional efforts to combat Medicare fraud as a way to reduce federal spending, while 74% disapprove of making seniors pay higher fees for healthcare services as a means to cut Medicare spending.

Nearly nine in ten (86%) agree increased out of pocket Medicare costs will cause financial strain for low-income seniors, and 82% are less willing to support lawmakers who vote in favor of increased out of pocket costs for seniors.

"These results clearly demonstrate that older Americans and Medicare beneficiaries oppose policies that unfairly impact their healthcare services and impose increased costs on a population that is financially and physically vulnerable," said Chairman Billy Tauzin, senior counsel to the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare. "Instead, senior voters strongly support Congress taking targeted action to improve Medicare program integrity."

Avalere analyses have previously found that increased out of pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries would put "significant" financial strain on those using the home health benefit, which generally is an older, sicker, and poorer population than other Medicare beneficiaries as a whole.

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