We Applaud the Introduction of the BACPAC Act

The Partnership applauds the introduction of legislation that will further bolster the high quality care that home heath patients receive. The Bundling and Coordinating Post-Acute Care Act – called BACPAC for short – is a huge step for millions of Americans recovering from injury or illness following hospitalization.

This bill would ensure that patients have access to a range of vital post-acute care services, such as home health, for approximately three months following their hospital stay.  Importantly, the bill also strengthens care coordination amongst caretakers in each setting.  Therefore, if a patient were to return from a rehabilitation center to the comfort of their home, past caretakers would be able to communicate with home health providers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

In addition to high-level care, the bill will have an immediate impact on our patient’s pocket books.  Care coordination means highly efficient care, as tests and treatments won’t be unnecessarily repeated.  Patients also avoid costly hospital readmissions, which will save Medicare billions of dollars each year.

We commend Reps. David McKinley, Jerry McNerney and Tom Price on their introduction of this critical legislation, and call on their colleagues in Congress to support BACPAC for their constituents who rely on post-acute care every day.

In healthcare, the patient should always come first.  BACPAC is a rare “win-win,” serving American patients and the health delivery system at the same time.  We are proud to support this legislation!

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